Me No Want Be Adult Neanderthal
Humor prose, Robot Butt, March 2019

Chapter One of My Autobiography, Written in Advance to Free Up Time When I’m Extremely Busy
Humor prose, Points In Case, November 2018

[Title Blocked Until You Pledge To My Patreon]
Humor prose, Points in Case, October 2018

Are We In A Kevin Bubble?
Humor prose, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, May 2018

Review of Chris Delia’s Man on Fire
Review, July 2017

Douchebags Anonymous
Sketch (writer, performer), April 2017

Senior Year Standup
Standup (writer, performer), March 2017

Another Banquet Speech
Speech (writer, speaker), March 2017

Banquet Speech
Speech (writer), December 2016

Here’s the archive of political satire columns I wrote for my college newspaper, The Tufts Daily. My column’s title was The Tufts Daily Show………………………….. do you like that name?

Below are a few political satire pieces I wrote separately from the paper.

Premature Rejectulation
Satire column, April 2016

Black Holes, Matter
Satire column, March 2016

(Larry) David vs. Goliath
Satire column, February 2016